Tapas brunch is a perfect opportunity to gather a group together and enjoy different flavours. At tapas table you can just relax and try different portions. Our tapas menu has delicious options for vegans, and fish and meat lovers. If you would like to enjoy wine with the tapas, just ask our staff and they can help you to choose a perfect wine for you.

We recommend booking a table in advance. You can make a reservation by phone: 0400 610 522 or via Dinner Booking 




3€ / item

Toast Ve and foamed butter L

Parsnip crisps Ve,G


Starters 4€ / kpl

Spicy pumpkin and coconut soup Ve, G

Avocado-quinoa-coriander salad Ve,G

Liver pâté and Cumberland sauce L,G

Cured salmon (gravlax), pickled cucumber and spruce tip mayo M,G

Lightly smoked duck breast, apple and onion M,G


Main course 4€ / kpl

Codfish load with citrus butter sauce L,G

Horse meat balls and apple-beer soup  M,G

Tullin Sauna’s own pork sausage M,G  and mustard L,G

Carrot and oat hummus, roasted carrot and coconut sauce Ve,G

Jerusalem artichoke and almond purée L


Dessert 4€ / kpl

Licorice pudding and cherry L,G

Braised pineapple and coconut sorbet Ve,G

Green smoothie (cucumber, kale, ginger and spinach) Ve,G

Maltcake and cinnamon ice cream, L