This week we are pampering all meat lovers! Our brunch offers the best meats and sidings. Cold cuts, sausage, roast and beef. To pair with rosemary potatoes and root veggies, and sinfully sweet chocolate cake for dessert. This is soooo good!

Price: adults 25 €/ each, children 7-12 years 1 €/ year and children under 7 years eat for free. 

We recommend booking in advance, 0400 610 522 or


Smoked porkside- pasta salad L

Green salad M,G

Cold cuts M,G

Marinated roast beef M,G

Pickled cucumber M,G

Marinated olives M,G

Pickled root vegetables M,G

Roasted vegetables marinated with herbs M,G

Selection of breads (from local bakery Mikon leipä)


Smoked reindeer-cream cheese soup L,G


Roasted potatoes with rosemary M,G

Honey seasoned root vegetables M,G

Finnish blood sausage and lingonberry jam L

Slow cooked pork cheek and bbq sauce M,G

Beef sirloin and pepper sauce L,G


Chocolate cake L,G and caramel mousse seasoned with brandy L,G