La cucina italiana, prego! At the heart of Italian cuisine is simple yet heavenly food prepared from top-quality ingredients. Part of Italian culture is also the habit of enjoying life and food in good company and no rush. So gather your posse and come to Tullin Sauna to have laid back Saturday enjoying brunch and sauna. Buon appetito!

Price: adults 25 €/ each, children 7-12 years 1 €/ year and children under 7 years eat for free. 

We recommend booking in advance, 0400 610 522 or


Ricotta salad and balsamic sauce G

Insalata caprese (tomato-mozzarella-basil salad) G

Bagna Gauda and vegetables (celery, radish…)L,G

Marinated shrimp L,G

Vitello Tonnato L,G

Italian cold cuts (salami, prosciutto..)M,G

Herb marinated olives M,G

Pesto M,G

Marinated Jerusalem Artichoke M,G

Eggplant Caponata M,G

Focaccia L


Roasted tomato soup Ve,G and fried bread L


Polenta M,G

Osso Bucco M,G

Frittata (omelette made of pasta, cheese and vegetables) G

Parmesan-herb-meatballs with tomato sauce G


Risotto alla milanese (portion) M,G


Tiramisu L

Pistachio pannacotta and amaretto cherries L,G