Tullin Saunas Fast Food-brunch offers all fast food classics at one fell swoop. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, fries… And all the sidings you can possibly want. And we also serve sweeter things, like white chocolate Rocky road and brownies. This brunch will fill your wishes as well as your stomach, do not miss this out!  

Price: adults 25 €/ each, children 7-12 years 1 €/ year and children under 7 years eat for free. 

We recommend booking in advance, 0400 610 522 or https://book.dinnerbooking.com/fi/fi-FI/book/index/1781/3.


Beef burger patties L,G (vegetarian option available in order)

Fried onion L,G

Bacon M,G

Frankfurters from Wigren M,G

Fries M,G

Chicken wings M,G

Ham and cheese toast L

Meatballs M


Brioche L

Hot dog buns L


Cheddar L,G

Blue cheese L,G

Salad M,G

Pickled cucumber M,G

Cucumber salad M,G

Marinated onion M,G

Onion compote M,G

Red cabbage compote M,G

Coleslaw L,G

Green salad M,G

Carrot and celery sticks M,G


Sweet pepper mayo M,G

Smoke-whisky mayo M

Barbeque sauce M,G

Blueberry mustard M,G

House-style mustard L,G

Fried onion L


Milkshake L,G

Chocolate brownies L,G

White chocolate rocky road L