In Tullin Saunas Blinibrunch you will enjoy delicious blinis with traditional sidings, as well as selection of local cheeses, cold cuts and other treats. Plentiful buffet made of best ingredients will please anyone, this is something you don’t want to miss! 

Price: adults 25 €/ each, children 7-12 years 1 €/ year and children under 7 years eat for free. 

We recommend booking in advance, 0400 610 522 or

Traditional buckweed blinis L

Tullin Sauna-style blinis L

Rainbow trout roe mousse L,G

Smoked white fish mousse L,G

Gravlax M,G

Mushroom salad L,G

Sour cream L,G

Pickled cucumber M,G

Chopped onion M,G

Dill and chive M,G


Local Cheeses:

-Fresh cheese

-Blue cheese





Fig compote M,G

Gooseberry compote M,G



Local cold cuts:

Mettwurst M,G

Beef M,G

Pork M,G


Smoked ham M,G

Spanish ham M,G

Home-made meat jelly M,G


Melon M,G

Olives M,G

Marinated mushrooms M,G

Herb marinated cherry tomatoes M,G


Breads from local bakery M

Home-made maltbaguette M


Chocolate cake and cherry sauce L,G