This week we are heading to East Asia for exotic new tastes. Our plentiful Asian brunch buffet offers dishes from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. Welcome to enjoy eastern delicacies at Tullin Sauna!

Price: adults 25 €/ each, children 7-12 years 1 €/ year and children under 7 years eat for free. 

We recommend booking in advance, 0400 610 522 or


Green salad M,G

Rice noodle salad M,G

Pickled daikon radish M,G

Gimbab (Korean maki sushi) M,G

Wasabi mayo M,G

Pickled ginger M,G

Rice cake M,G

Peanut sauce M,G

Kimchi M,G

Celery-cashew salad M,G

Marinated seaweed M,G

Ponzu sauce M,G


Okonomiyaki (Japanese vegetable pancake) M,G

Ttoppokki (Korean rice cake in chili sauce) M

Caramel pork M,G

Jasmin rice M,G


Tom Yam chicken soup M,G


Mango lassi L,G


Matcha-pear pudding L,G

Chia seed pudding M,G